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Equipment for Living

I started this project with some very talented partners before the pandemic effectively shut us down, but I loved the project and still want to share it.

Equipment for Living was a series of interviews in which I asked artists what their artwork did for them as people, and related questions such as:

  • How do you organize your life around the demands art work makes on your time and creativity? 

  • How do you protect yourself from the critical voices that might undermine that work?

  • What kinds of life situations have made you think about ever giving up artwork, and how did you resolve them to keep creating?

  • How would you characterize the satisfaction that follows from work well done?


The result was a series of remarkably frank and enlightening conversations about the importance of protecting creative time and inspiration, and of treating creativity as a source of high practical value in spite of all the familiar voices who might ask 'why aren't you doing something more responsible?'

I'll  add more of the interviews as we finish editing them.

Imo Nse Imeh from the interview we shot in 2019

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